Iwatani Industrial Gas Indonesia PT ensures reliable distribution of natural gas through its distribution network to end consumers, their connection to the distribution network and measurement of gas consumption

Connection to distribution network

The improvement of services as a part of the process of connection to the distribution network is one of key priorities of the company. Iwatani Industrial Gas Indonesia PT - distribution has initiated the Customer Contact project with the aim to optimize services provided to customers in the process of connection. Its main objective is to simplify the process of connection of new gas facilities to our network.

IIGI Features :

1. Stable Supply.
    Continuous delivery of gases by own and multi back up

2. On-time Delivery.
    Expeditious delivery by integrated system and management

3. Quality Control.
    Stable quality control by ISO 9001 management system.

4. Technology.
    Comprehensive support of welding process with welding material and robot system.

5. Safety.
    Design gas supply system based on Japanese safety standard. Regular 
    Inspection and maintenance by professional maintenance staff. Safety
    training of handling gases for customer.

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